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Welcome to Banbury Tao Noy Sing Karate Club.

Traditional karate for self defence.

Welcome to our web site!

If you have any questions or just want to tell me what you think of the site, then please email me at p.n.morley@open.ac.uk
If you are new to this site and are interested in our beginners class - please come on our next training night - and see our beginners page.

last updated: Wednesday 18 April 2018

 'I'd like to do that sometime', means you never will. 'I'll do it now', means you will.

At the moment we are not doing open sessions but personal training. If you'd like to join us please email or call.

About Banbury Tao Noy Sing Karate:

While competitions can be a lot of fun and have their place, we believe that they detract from the practicality of the art. In competitions, the most effective techniques are banned (they are simply too effective!) so if you don’t practice the effective techniques, your martial art is simply less effective. Therefore competition karate is not part of our general practice.

Karate is a traditional martial art originally intended for self defence in a rough and violent society. See the history page.

If you are interested in joining us then please take a look at the ‘beginners' page.
If you have trained previously - either with us - or elsewhere - then please see our 'previous training' page.
(Gavin & Paul practising knife defence techniques)
If you would like to know more about us, then please look at the training page, or read about the club 'instructors'.
We are part of the Tao Noy Sing Martial Arts association. Click here to go to the Tao Noy Sing website.
training times and location:

Wednesday nights
7:30pm—8:30pm general class
8:30pm—9:00pm seniors / advanced class

We train at
St Leonards Church Hall
(behind St Leonards Church)
44 Middleton Road
Banbury, OX16 4RE

call Paul or Louise for more information:
01295 750 570
07774 980 122

St Leonards Church Hall

Safety Notes

All practise of a martial art should be safe, and promote positive health. As such, any dangerous practises or unhealthy activities are counter to the fundamental aim of the art.

That said, practise is not without risk, and martial art practise must contain elements such as sparring, impact padwork, grappling, throwing techniques, etc.

Association and club safety policies:

1. all instructors will hold a first aid qualification

2. all instructors will have specific martial arts instructor insurance

3. all members will have an association licence which includes member-member and personal insurance

4. all classes will be open to parents to watch (this is encouraged)

In becoming a member, I agree to the following;

1. to observe association rules and dojo etiquette

2. to obtain an association licence and keep it up to date

3. to practice with regard to the safety of myself and others

4. not to do anything which may bring the art or association into disrepute

Karate is a martial art, teaching skills intended to defend oneself in the rare instance of extreme danger through unprovoked aggression, or in the support of law and order. It is not for trivial use. It is for use in the last resort only, and then within the bounds of reasonable force, defined by law.

If you have suffered from serious illness or injury, consult your Doctor before training